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About Gas Strut Services

Boot Strut The business was started out of a need for a cost effective solution to replacing costly struts mainly on, but not restricted to motor vehicles. Some struts at that time and even now can cost in excess of $200 each plus GST.

Where price was once the issue, SAFETY! is now at the forefront.

Over the years we have heard all the horror stories; “the boot hit my head and gave me a nasty cut, it broke my child’s arm, I turned back to get my shopping/golf clubs and walked right into the boot”, and the stories go on.

Gas Strut Services offer a mobile service as people like the convenience. There is no need to book your car in for a day, losing the use of it, as it only takes on average 20 minutes to half an hour to undertake most repairs at your work or home.

Over the years Gas Strut Services has evolved from simply re-gassing struts to supplying new struts to a variety of industries.

More commonly the motor and the boatbuilding trades, consulting with builders, architects, homeowners for installations into anything from roof hatches to kiosk shutters, to pool storage covers to wine cellar hatches.

Contact Gas Strut Services today for your gas strut repair.