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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If the gas has leaked out, surely it will do it again if re-gassed?
A: There are two main reasons why struts lose their gas:

  • Natural attrition
  • Damage

If it is due to natural attrition (struts lose pressure the same as a tyre does, but it takes a period of 8-12 years on average) then a re-gas will work fine, and you can expect years of further use out of your struts. If they are damaged, you really need to replace them with new ones. Gas Strut Services carry a wide selection of new stock in the vans.

Bonnet StrutQ: Sometimes my hatch holds and other times it drops down – why?
A: This is a sure indication that your struts are weak and that they should be re-gassed IMMEDIATELY. (See note below). The struts stay up due to heat in the atmosphere, expanding the gas in the strut. As soon as it cools down, the gas shrinks and the hatch drops. The hatch can also drop when the front of the vehicle is parked facing uphill.

NOTE: This is the time when the strut is most dangerous. When the hatch is opened to load in groceries, golf clubs, whatever, the hatch can and does, creep down. When you turn to put your handful into the boot, the hatch is virtually in your face or worse, you walk into it as a lot of Gas Strut Services clients have done.

Tailgate StrutQ: How long do I have to leave my vehicle with you?
A: You don’t. Gas Strut Services will come to you at home or work. Most jobs can be done in less than forty minutes. This is one aspect of Gas Strut Services that clients really appreciate. No loss of vehicle, no loss of work time and total convenience.

Q: Are there any guarantees?
A: Yes. Gas Strut Services offer a one year guarantee on re-gas and a two year manufacturers warranty on new struts.

Q: What are best, new struts or re-gas?
A: Without doubt new struts are better, simply because they are new and have not been used.