Strut Sizes

Depending on your application, there are four sizes of struts - available in either steel or stainless

6mm shaft 15mm body (diameter) Light weight hatches, lids, covers, cabinetry
8mm shaft 18 or 19mm body Car boots, small boat hatches
10mm shaft 22mm body Van hatches, medium boat hatches, house windows and serveries
14mm shaft 28mm body Earth moving equipment, shipping container conversions, large sail and transom hatches

How to Measure a Strut

Measure a Gas Strut
The length of a Gas Strut is determined by measuring from the centre of one mount point (A) to the centre of the other (B) when the struts is fully extended.
The stroke of a strut is the difference between these points when extended, versus fully compressed. It is vital to ensure a strut has enough stroke, to ensure it does not 'bottom out' and prevent the mechanism from fully closing.

Gas Strut Services can get struts manufactured to almost any length. Our 8x19mm off-the-shelf struts come in 10mm increments.

The gas pressure of a strut determines how much force it has to lift with. We have references for most vehicles and can calculate the loads required for custom installations.

Benefits of gas struts

  • Simpler than pnuematic or hydraulic rams
  • Softer closing than springs
  • Does not require power source
  • Easily maintained or replaced
  • Light weight
  • Faster than actuators
  • Silent operation
  • Cheaper than most other mechanisms


  • Chair StrutsOffice Chairs
  • Engine Bonnets
  • Van Rear Doors
  • Canopy Covers
  • Truck Canopies
  • Hatch Backs
  • Door Closers
  • Boat Hatches
  • Trailer Doors
  • Horse Float Ramps
  • Wine Cellar Doors
  • Self Closing Office doors