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Strut Sizes - How to Measure a Strut

The length of a Gas Strut is determined by measuring from the centre of one mount point (A) to the centre of the other (B) fully opened.

Measure a Gas StrutThe Strut will be built with maximum stroke length to allow maximum flexibility when it comes to closed length (i.e. you will be able to have the smallest closed length possible in relationship to the overall length required).

Gas Struts can be made to almost any size. Most stock is readily available with lengths from 235mm to 805mm in graduations of 10mm.

Special builds and stainless steel 316 are also available.

Depending on your application, there are four types of Struts.

6mm shaft 16mm body (diameter) Light weight
8mm shaft 18mm body Standard
10mm shaft 22mm body Heavy duty
14mm shaft 28mm body Extra heavy duty

Features, benefits and uses of Gas Struts


  • Automotive StrutsMobile Service
  • No need to send staff out for parts
  • No waste of time getting incorrect parts
  • No problems when brackets need to be modified
  • No need to book vehicle out for the day
  • No loss of use of your vehicle


  • SAFETY FIRST Guaranteed workmanship
  • Prolonged and easier access to vehicle
  • Added value when selling vehicle
  • Economical solution in replacement struts
  • SAME day service at no extra charge
  • Easy payment facilities incl Cash, Credit Cards, Cheque


  • Chair StrutsOffice Chairs
  • Engine Bonnets
  • Van Rear Doors
  • Canopy Covers
  • Truck Canopies
  • Hatch Backs
  • Door Closers
  • Boat Hatches
  • Trailer Doors
  • Horse Float Ramps
  • Wine Cellar Doors
  • Self Closing Office doors